Cooperative Circles

Cooperative Circles

Millersville University

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Cooperative Circles

from The More the Merrier by Sikes, Evans, and Cavert,


Large circles of ropes, webbing or hula hoops


Fun get to know you activity


Put down enough circles that there are 5 people in a circle.  Get the groups in the circle by having one foot inside the circle.  Everyone in the group will introduce themselves to everyone else in the circle.  Once they have introduced themselves people will be asked to move around the circles in a clockwise direction.  Once everyone is in a new circle they again introduce themselves to everyone in their new circle.  If there is ever a circle without anyone in it the circle is removed.

Sample questions:

If you are in a full time position move three circles.

If you are a student move two circles.

If you drove to the conference move four circles.

If you flew to the conference move one circle.

If your school has less than 5,000 students move two circles.

If you school has over 10,000 students move three circles.

If you played a varsity sport in college move one circle.

If you are married move three circles.

If you have children move two circles.



No processing, just a fun activity.

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