Out of Kilter

Out of Kilter

Millersville University

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Ropes Course

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Out of Kilter

from Backpocket Adventure by Rohnke and Grout, Project Adventure.




Fun ice breaker


Get in pairs.  Grab each others hands or wrists.  Lean backwards until you find that if it were not for the support of your partner you would topple over.  Move around and try balancing in different positions.  As you get more comfortable with each other try more daring positions, all the way maintaining a sense of balance. 

Now, join with another set of partners and create more balance positions.

Once everyone is comfortable create a yurt circle.  Have the group in a circle holding hands.  Have every other person lean backwards and the opposite people lean forwards and get the circle in balance.


No processing, just a fun activity.

Possible Classroom alternatives