See Ya

See Ya

Millersville University

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Ropes Course

Name of Activity

See Ya

from The More the Merrier by Sikes, Evans, and Cavert,


Large circles of ropes, webbing or hula hoops


Fun get to know you activity


Put down enough circles that there are 5 people in a circle.  Get the groups in the circle by having one foot inside the circle.  Everyone in the group will introduce themselves to everyone else in the circle.  Once everyone has introduced themselves call out a discussion topic.  The group will decide who is least like the others in terms of the discussion topic.  Once each group has identified which member is least like the others count 1, 2, 3, and everyone yells “SEE YA.”  Those people that are least like the others move to another circle and introduce themselves.  Call out another discussion topic and repeat the sequence.

Sample discussion topics:

-          where is your favorite vacation place?

-          How far did you travel to get here?

-          What is your favorite food?

-          What is your favorite sport to watch on TV?

-          What is your favorite sport to participate in?

-          What was the last book you read?

-          What was the last movie you saw?

-          What was the craziest thing you ever ate?

-          Where is your favorite place to dine out?

-          What is the best gift you have ever received?



No processing, just a fun activity.

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