African-American Studies is an 18 credit interdisciplinary minor focusing on the history and socio-culture of African-Americans. The minor offers an introduction to issues, theories, and research concerning African-Americans in various disciplines. Courses in the minor emphasize African-American perspectives, as well as the development of critical thinking and written and oral communication skills. The minor will present opportunities to examine, compare and contrast African-American perspectives with those of other American cultures. It offers students in a variety of disciplines important perspectives on African-American history and culture that will help them to understand the possibilities and values of cultural differences. Students will be encouraged to connect issues about African-American culture raised in the classroom to current society. Fifteen of the 18 credits satisfy General Education requirements and knowledge of African-American culture will complement many majors, especially Elementary and Secondary Education, Business, Communications and Theatre, English, History, Sociology, Art, Music, and Industry and Technology. It appears to be both essential and beneficial that all students have a multi-cultural perspective of themselves and the world around them.