Alternative Credit


Some applicants may wish to receive credit toward degree requirements on the basis of life experiences such as work experience, job training programs, military service specialties, travel, avocations or public service. They may earn credit for these experiences through the following means.


Credit is granted toward Millersvilleís general education requirements to students with sufficiently high scores on the CLEP general examinations. Credit is not granted for CLEP general examinations taken after 15 college credits have been earned or in areas where college-level coursework has been completed.

Credit toward specific courses is granted to students earning a score of 55 or higher on the appropriate CLEP subject examination. Written department approval must be obtained before taking a subject examination.

Contact the University Test Center, Lyle Hall, for information on taking a CLEP examination. Contact the Registrar, Lyle Hall, regarding score reports or credit awards.


Credit is granted to students earning scores of 3 or higher on the AP examinations. The number of credits awarded depends on the academic major, AP subject area, and departmental recommendation. Contact your high school guidance office for information on taking an AP examination. Students must be admitted to degree status and be currently enrolled to be eligible for AP credit award. Contact the Registrar, Lyle Hall, regarding score reports or credit awards.


PEP is a program of the American College Testing Program. Credit is awarded to nursing (BSN) students who earn scores of 45 or above on the Anatomy and Physiology and Microbiology PEP tests. A score of 55 or above and departmental approval is required in other PEP subject tests.

Credits are not awarded for PEP tests in which a student has previously completed college level coursework.


Students who feel they have already mastered the material in a Millersville course may "challenge the course by examination," taking a test of the course content instead of enrolling for the course itself. Students may challenge any course in which they have not received a grade and which has not been waived because of demonstrated competency or advanced placement. Because of content and structure, some courses may not be challenged by examination.

Contact the Registrarís office, Lyle Hall, for instructions, fee information and approval forms. The examination is given at the convenience of the instructor. The grade earned is entered on the studentís record and calculated into GPA whether or not a passing grade is earned.

In some instances department chairpersons may approve the use of a CLEP subject examination to challenge a course by examination. Under these circumstances, see the preceding section on CLEP for more information.