All courses are available to students enrolled in any curriculum.

The Art Department offers three baccalaureate degree programs: the bachelor of arts in art (B.A.), the bachelor of science in art education (B.S.Ed.), and the bachelor of fine arts in art (B.F.A.). The recommended course sequence during the first two years for all three programs is similar, so that any change in degree program within the Art Department need not result in loss of time or credits.

Liberal arts, art education, and fine arts degree programs are designed to offer the flexibility needed to meet the unique needs of each student. To lend authenticity to this idea, each student, with the help of an adviser, assumes much of the responsibility for determining a self-directed program of studies.

All art students must maintain a minimum grade average of 2.50 in their major.

The B.A. program in art provides a sound, broad-based educational foundation which, to considerable extent, can be individually tailored to meet the specific educational goals of each student. While most B.A. students pursue a commercial art (Graphic Design/Visual Communications) option, opportunities for study that lead to entry into a variety of other art and art related fields are commonly chosen by students in this program. The B.A. degree program also provides a sound preparation for graduate study.

The B.S. Ed. in art education program is designed for students who aspire to become art teachers. Upon completing this program, students are certified to teach art at both the elementary and secondary levels in the public and private schools of Pennsylvania.

The B.F.A. program offers greater depth in art studio and is the professional studies program designed for persons who either intend to become self-employed artists or who wish to further their education in graduate school programs in studio art.

The Art Department encourages highly motivated students from each of the three programs to participate in internship and cooperative education opportunities that exist in both the public and private sectors. These opportunities are described in the Special Academic Opportunities section.