The Department of Computer Science offers a baccalaureate degree and an associate degree in computer science. It also offers a minor in computer science.

The B.S. degree program in computer science is designed to provide students with a fundamental background in computer science as well as to allow students to specialize in one or more specific areas. These areas include, but are not limited to, graduate school preparation, programming languages, compiler design, software engineering, artificial intelligence, robotics and computer vision, human computer interaction, algorithms, networking, computer graphics, virtual reality, and database management.

For admission as a major in computer science, a student is expected to have a sound preparation in high school academic mathematics: algebra I and II, plane geometry, trigonometry and analytic geometry. Students who have completed a C++ language course in high school are encouraged to take the College Board Advanced Placement Exam in Computer Science and have their scores sent to MU for evaluation. University credit for freshman-level computer science major course(s) will be offered to students with grades of 3 or higher. For further information, see "Advanced Placement Examinations" elsewhere in this catalog.

The cooperative education program allows students to gain valuable experience in a full-time professional position related to their career goals, adding practical relevance to their program of study as well as financial remuneration. This often leads to full-time employment after graduation. Students may elect one or more cooperative education experiences.

Information about the computer science degree program can be found on the World Wide Web on the Internet at URL address: or send email to: