Millersville offers 54 bachelorís and associate degree programs in the arts and sciences, business, and education, most of which offer many options and choices to students. All Millersville undergraduate degree programs include a general education component designed to develop student communication skills and critical thinking abilities as well as provide a broad foundation in the liberal arts; humanities, fine arts, and natural and social sciences.

Millersville also offers masterís degrees in 18 programs in the arts and sciences and education as well as selected certification programs.

A number of special educational opportunities are provided, including honors programs, independent study, field experiences, study at other institutions and abroad, and developmental course work.

Millersville Universityís faculty, staff and services reflect the Universityís concern for student growth and development. There are approximately 325 full-time faculty members available to advise and counsel students on academic and career-related matters. There are also counseling, career planning and placement, and tutorial services, as well as services for nontraditional students. A wide range of cocurricular and extracurricular activities and cultural events are offered.