For initial placement of freshmen the department advises that the following guidelines be used: 0-1 year of high school FORL FORL 101

2 years of high school FORL FORL 102

3-4 years of high school FORL FORL 201

4-5 years of high school FORL FORL 202

A placement examination will be administered in the fall semester to incoming freshman language majors and to those non-majors intending to take FORL 201, 202, 351 or 352. Consult individual language sections for current policy.

Students who, in the first few class meetings, consider themselves improperly placed should discuss the matter with their instructor so that changes can be made promptly.

Attention is called to the Millersville Summer Schools of Foreign Languages, in which graduate students live together in their own schools and speak the foreign language at all times. Well-prepared undergraduate students may participate following their junior year with a recommendation from their department chairperson.

All modern language majors are required to take, prior to graduation, the Modern Language Association Proficiency Tests.


Language majors considering spending their junior or senior year abroad at a foreign university are advised to discuss the matter with their advisers at an early date.

Millersville administers a fully accredited academic program at Marburg, Germany, where students from Millersville and other institutions in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation study under the supervision of a resident director. For other modern languages (French, Spanish, Russian) students are placed in accredited programs in Canada, Latin America, Spain, France and Russia.