General Admission Policies for all Applicants to Degree Programs Qualifying for Admission


Anyone who wishes to be considered for admission to Millersville must be a graduate of an approved secondary school with evidence of satisfactory performance, or hold a General Educational Development (GED) high school equivalency diploma issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Also required are satisfactory scores on the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT I) or the American College Test (ACT).

Admission to undergraduate degree programs at Millersville is increasingly selective. Special admission programs are available, however, for some whose high school records, SAT or ACT scores do not demonstrate their true potential.

Admission to Millersville University is granted without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, handicap, marital status or lifestyle. Applications from qualified out-of-state students are welcomed; requirements for Pennsylvania resident status appear under the Expenses & Financial Aid section of this catalog.

All courses are taught in English and students are expected to have a demonstrated English language proficiency.


Anyone interested in applying for admission to an undergraduate degree program at Millersville should contact the Admissions Office, Lyle Hall, for an application. Prospective students may also apply electronically by visiting the MU home page: For an application to be considered complete, the following must also be submitted.

  1. An official copy of the secondary school record.
  2. An official copy of scores on the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT I) or the American College Test (ACT). Arrangements for taking either of these tests may be made through the studentís high school guidance office or by writing to the appropriate test organization. Since these scores are used for placement purposes and for determining University Scholarship eligibility, students may wish to retake them if there is reason to expect a significant score increase.
Although not required, applicants are encouraged to have two letters of recommendation from their principal, counselor or teachers, which should be sent directly from the school to the Admissions Office.


Millersville has a rolling admissions policy and usually notifies applicants of a decision within a month after completed forms and supporting credentials are received. High school students are encouraged to submit applications as early in the senior year as possible. Applicants may apply for admission to begin course work in September, January, June or July. Those applying too late for the admission date of their preference will have their application considered for the next available admission date.


Applicants admitted to Millersville must pay an advance matriculation deposit no later than April 1 or 15 days after the date of the admission letter, whichever is later. Students admitted to University residence halls must also pay an advance housing deposit. These deposits are explained in the Expenses & Financial Aid section of this catalog.

Students must matriculate in the semester for which they are admitted. Students who do not matriculate must submit a written request for the deposit to be applied to the next semester. This request must be submitted prior to the first day of classes in the term for which admission was offered. Failure to matriculate and/or submit the written request will result in the student being withdrawn from our files and forfeiture of the deposit.


Full and part-time degree seeking applicants must meet the same admission requirements.