The Department of Wellness and Sport Sciences seeks to improve the well being of all students through the development of physical fitness and the study of health sciences. Students will be afforded various opportunities through department courses to develop self understanding and expression, to acquire positive lifetime changes, to understand concepts related to the health and wellness of the total person and to develop relationships which promote and encourage a full life of healthful living in our complex society. The program will encompass all aspects of oneís behavior as they interact with the environment including the pysical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions.

The department focuses primarily on the undergraduate teaching of wellness, which is required for graduation of all Millersville University students. In addition, the department offers a minor in athletic coaching for those wishing to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to safely coach athletes. Students are eligible to receive certification in the American Sport Education Program. Further, the department offers a variety of elective courses, which grant national certification in first aid, lifesaving activities, and advanced aquatics. The department also offers a graduate program with a masterís degree in sport management with an emphasis in athletic management and athletic coaching.

Students are required to pass three credits in health and/or physical education to qualify for degrees. Any of the (G) courses listed below may be used to satisfy the degree requirement. Only WELL 175 - Wellness: Concepts of Health and Fitness or WSSD 352 - Health Education in Elementary Schools may be used to satisfy the General Education (G4) degree requirement.