Students who wish to leave Millersville before graduating may take a temporary leave of absence or withdraw completely.


Students who wish to interrupt their studies at Millersville for up to two consecutive semesters may request a leave of absence. This allows them to register for courses upon their return without applying for readmission. To be eligible for a leave of absence, a student must be enrolled in degree status and have a minimum CGPA of 2.00.

To request a leave of absence, complete an official Leave of Absence Form, available from the registrarís office, Lyle Hall. Contact the registrarís office for information on the effects of a leave of absence on refunds, financial aid, housing, insurance, and veteransí benefits status.

Students who wish a leave of absence to study at another institution during the fall or spring semester should also complete an Authorization for Transfer of Credit form, available from the registrarís office.

A leave of absence is cancelled and the student considered withdrawn if the student fails to return by the established ending time or is dismissed by the University.


Students who wish to withdraw from the University must complete an Official Withdrawal Form, available from the registrarís office. This applies to all students, whether withdrawing during or between semesters, regardless of reason for withdrawal. Failure to complete this form will jeopardize a studentís chances of future readmission.

Students who have officially withdrawn from the University and wish to return should contact the admissions office, Lyle Hall, for an application for readmission. See the Admissions section for more information.