After general education, the second component of a high-quality university education is an in-depth understanding of an academic discipline. Millersville currently offers 50 major fields of study within its bachelorís degree programs. Many majors offer options for fulfilling requirements that provide even greater choice in selecting a field of study. Students enrolled in programs that require more than 128 credits may need more than the traditional four years to complete their studies.

A list of Millersvilleís major programs and options and the specific course requirements for each are given in the Academic Programs section. Curriculum Record Forms have also been developed for each major and option to summarize the requirements and provide an informal record of student progress. They are available from department offices and the Office of Academic Advisement. In addition, degree audit reports summarizing the status of a studentís degree requirements are available on request in the Office of Academic Advisement, Lyle Hall and on the MU website


To declare or change a major or an option within a major, contact the Office of Academic Advisement, Lyle Hall, for an appropriate form. Some departments have minimum special requirements for admission to their major programs.

Students must meet the major program requirements in effect at the time they declare or change their major. 


Students are subject to the approval of their major department for continuation in their major program. Departments may establish additional requirements for continuation in the major, review student credentials at the end of any semester, and deny continuation in the major to any student they feel is not making satisfactory progress. Students who have been denied continuation in the major may appeal to the School Dean and then to the Academic Standards Committee for reconsideration. 


In some programs, through careful selection of elective courses, it is possible to complete the requirements for a second major. Upon certification by each major department that requirements have been satisfied, both majors are recorded on the studentís records. 


Students who wish to become proficient in a second discipline may complete the requirements for a minor. Each minor requires a minimum of 18 credits. Half of the minor must be completed at Millersville, and only one course may count toward both a major and a minor. A list of minor programs and specific course requirements for each are given in the Academic Programs section. Since a number of new minors are under development, students should contact the Academic Advisement Office, Lyle Hall, for a complete list of approved minors.

To declare or change a minor, obtain an appropriate form from the Academic Advisement Office.