The mission of Millersville University today is summarized in a mission statement adopted by the Strategic Planning and Resource Council and approved by the Council of Trustees in 1993:

The primary mission of Millersville University is to promote intellectual development through an exemplary liberal arts-based education. The University is steadfastly committed to the proposition that a thorough, broad-based foundation in the arts and sciences is a necessary condition for the development of the whole person. It resolutely embraces the conviction that all of its degree programs must maintain a strong liberal arts component while preparing students to engage in productive and contributive lives as professionals.

Millersville University resolves to provide a comprehensive range of meritorious baccalaureate programs consistent with student aspirations and faculty wisdom and expertise to all qualified Commonwealth residents at the lowest reasonable cost. Additionally, it will offer graduate programs in those fields where there is both need and corresponding institutional strength.

Millersville University seeks to prepare its students to live in an increasingly diverse, multicultural, and technologically complex society. It will accomplish this by offering a curriculum that is rich and multifaceted, by serving as a model of a pluralistic community, and by providing leadership in this regard to the greater community.

While Millersville University recognizes excellence in teaching as its reason for being, it also undertakes to open avenues for personal, social, and cultural growth essential to the development of an educated and productive person, including development of the capacity for leadership and decision-making in order to make the fullest possible contribution to society. It will foster the examination, development, and understanding of personal values and appreciation of the values of others.

The University also accepts its responsibility to provide opportunities for research, artistic and scholarly effort, and other creative endeavors in a manner consistent with its primary mission as a teaching institution. Additionally, the University accepts its responsibility to serve society by acting as an intellectual and cultural resource to the regional community.

To achieve this mission, the Millersville University community pledges itself to academic freedom and encourages imagination and curiosity, unfettered discourse, the exchange of divergent and controversial opinion, multicultural awareness and understanding, within an environment of civility, mutual respect and cooperation.