The Department of Nursing offers an NLN-accredited upper division program in nursing leading to a bachelor of science in nursing (B.S.N.) degree. This program is designed for registered nurses who are graduates of diploma or associate degree nursing programs. Public school nursing certification is an option within this program. Nursing courses may only be taken after attaining junior level status (60-90) credits. NURS 320, Conceptual Basis of Professional Nursing Practice, is the introductory course for the nursing major and should be taken first.

The goals of the nursing program are to provide an atmosphere and opportunities that develop intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and sound reasoning and judgment; provide knowledge from the humanities, the physical, biological, psychological and social sciences to complement nursing theory and practice; provide a theoretical and clinical foundation in nursing to prepare a professional nurse who provides rational and humanistic health care within institutional and community settings; and provide a basis for graduate education in nursing.