To be considered full-time, undergraduates must be registered for at least 12 credits by the end of the drop/add period. Audited courses are included in the computation of semester credit load.


The normal semester load for undergraduates is 15 credits during the freshman year and 15 to 18 credits in subsequent years. Students with GPAs below 2.00 are strongly advised to take fewer than 15 credits.

Students should recognize that many programs require more than 120 credits. Completing these programs or a second major or minor usually requires carrying semester loads above 15 credits, attending summer school, and/or taking more than four years to complete a degree.


To register for more than 17 credits, students must have earned at least 80 credits before early registration. Students who have earned fewer than 80 credits may not register early for more than 17 credits but may add credits in excess of 17 during the drop/add period.

Normally students may not carry more than 21 credits in any one semester. Students enrolled in student teaching courses may enroll for one additional course if it does not conflict with the student teaching assignment.

Students enrolled for more than 18 credits are charged additional tuition.

Summer Session Overloads. The recommended maximum credit load during any summer session is 7. Students must have a CGPA of 3.00 or higher and adviser approval to register for more than 7 credits. Normally students may not carry more than 9 credits in any one summer session nor more than 15 credits in two sessions.