Special Admission Students


Anyone with a bachelorís degree may apply for courses leading to initial or additional teaching certification as a full-time or part-time student. For teaching certification requirements, contact the Certification Office, Stayer Education Center. To apply for admission, contact the Graduate Studies Office, Lyle Hall.


Students on leave from a degree program at another college may apply to Millersville as full- or part-time transient students.


Millersville University has reciprocal agreements with these two institutions. Franklin & Marshall College may, upon appropriate authorization, send students to Millersville for courses not offered at Franklin & Marshall, without a tuition charge by Millersville. Similarly authorized full-time graduate students from Lancaster Theological Seminary may enroll in undergraduate and graduate level courses at Millersville without a tuition charge by Millersville.

Millersville students may also take advantage of these agreements and enroll for courses at these institutions. See the Special Academic Opportunities section for more information.


Qualified high school students may take credit courses at Millersville while pursuing their high school diplomas. Applicants must submit an official transcript and a letter of recommendation from a high school official. Credits earned are held in abeyance until the high school diploma is awarded. Participation in this program does not guarantee later admission as a degree-seeking student. Home schooled students are encouraged to contact the admissions office for additional details.

Precollege Program: Upward Bound. Upward Bound is a college preparatory program for high school students designed to encourage post-secondary study and careers in scientific and technical fields. It is a year round program with a five-week residential summer program designed to develop academic talent in precollege youth. Through studentsí participation in academic classes, and leadership and skill development workshops, students are encouraged to maximize their potential in preparation for college. The program experience helps students assess their academic capabilities, potential and interests. Subsequently, students who participate in the program enhance their academic preparation through development of study habits and their targeted goals. For more information, contact the Upward Bound Office, Somerset House.


Millersville University meets all criteria for approval for Veterans Education under the provisions of Title 38, United States Code, Section 1775 (a)(1). DANTES and USAFI courses are considered for transfer credit in accordance with the recommendations of the Commission of Accreditation for Service Experiences of the American Council on Education.

Veterans, reservists, VA vocational rehabilitation participants and eligible dependents should contact the Office of Veteranís Affairs, Student Memorial Center, for information on educational benefits.


The mature person who is not concerned with earning credit may audit a course upon approval of the courseís instructor. An auditing student attends classes and participates in class discussions but does not take examinations, write papers, or fulfill other requirements generally associated with earning credit. The studentís transcript does not record a grade but notes that the course was audited. Standard tuition and fees are charged. Ordinarily no more than one course may be audited per semester.

Students enrolled in a degree program may also request audit privileges. See Special Academic Opportunities

Attendance Fee Program. This is a special audit program for nondegree students to permit them to try a college course, improve career skills, and otherwise enrich themselves at relatively low cost. Approval of the courseís instructor is required. Unlike other auditing students, attendance fee students have no transcript record noting the course. Matriculated students have first priority for class space. Specified courses which require minimum skills or physical considerations for instructional purposes may not be open to attendance fee students. Typically these include art studios, science and industrial arts labs, physical education classes, instrumental or vocal music, and similar classes. 

The cost to attend a class on an attendance fee basis is the current rate for one credit plus the general fee. For more information, contact the Continuing Education Office, Lyle Hall.


Re:Visions is open to all interested persons. The courses do not offer credit, but some offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and may be applicable to professional accreditation requirements. For more information, contact the Continuing Education Office, Lyle Hall.