Millersville University enrolls approximately 7,500 students. More than 70 percent are full-time undergraduates; the rest are part-time undergraduates and graduate students. About 60 percent of undergraduates are women and one in six is at least 25 years old. About 75 percent of Millersville’s undergraduates come from southeastern Pennsylvania; most are from either Pennsylvania or contiguous states.

Millersville University is a selective institution, admitting half of the approximately 6,500 students who apply each year. Millersville students are well above national norms in SAT scores, high school grades and class rank, and years spent studying college preparatory subjects such as English, mathematics, foreign languages, science and social studies. About half the freshman class has combined SAT scores over 1070 and over 75 percent graduated in the top two-fifths of their high school class.

Over 2,300 students live in University residence halls, with the remainder of the student body commuting from homes and nearby apartments.