Millersville has ten residence halls offering a variety of housing lifestyles: single sex, coeducational, and special interest theme areas. Each residence hall is staffed by a full-time professional director, a graduate assistant, and specially selected and trained undergraduate resident assistants. The staff strives to maintain an environment conducive to study and social interaction. Special residence hall programs, including lectures, intramurals, and excursions to off-campus cultural, athletic, and recreational sites, are offered throughout the year.

Millersville University firmly believes that residence hall living is beneficial for the academic adjustment and personal development of its students. Therefore, all full-time undergraduate students (those enrolled in 12 or more credit hours as of the end of the period held each fall and spring semester during which students may drop and add courses) are required to live in University residence halls until they have attempted 60 credit hours or they have completed four regular (fall or spring) semesters, whichever comes first.

In addition, the University normally makes exceptions to the residence hall requirement for full-time students who are:

  • commuting from the home where they live with their parent(s) or a member of their immediate family who is at least 21 years old, provided the one-way commuting distance does not exceed 40 miles. The University requires written verification of a studentís commuting status from the parent(s)/immediate family member(s). 

  • NOTE: A Request to Change to Commuter Status form is available in Office of Housing and Residential Programs.
  • Married
  • Custodial parents
  • twenty-one years of age or older by the beginning of the term for which an exception to the residence hall requirement is requested.
Questions regarding this policy and requests for exceptions to it should be directed to the director of housing and residential programs.

Details of residence hall policies and procedures are in the Living On Campus Handbook, available from the Office of Housing and Residential Programs, Harbold Hall. 


Millersville University maintains a listing of local landlords and property owners from the surrounding community who historically rent rooms, houses or apartments to our students. All off- campus residences fall within the category of "independent" student housing. This designation means that the University does not endorse residences off campus. The University Off-Campus Life office serves as a reference agency collecting information on off-campus housing opportunities and preparing a periodic listing for the convenience of the campus community. The Off-Campus Life office also provides educational workshops for eligible students interested in moving off campus. 

Students not admitted as commuters must live on campus until junior status is achieved. Eligible interested students may contact the Off- Campus Life office in Hull Hall at (717) 872-3707 for information on off-campus housing opportunities and educational workshops.