Womenís Studies is an 18 credit interdisciplinary minor that involves courses in a wide array of traditional fields including history, anthropology, communication, business, health, education and literature. The goal of the minor is to inform students about womenís contributions, perspectives and visions in our own and other cultures; to validate womenís experiences; and to challenge the economic, political and social devaluation of women. Students electing the minor must take Introduction to Womenís Studies (WSTU 220) and the Womenís Studies Senior Seminar (WSTU 488) as well as four other electives from an approved list. The minor complements many majors and can be completed as students fulfill general education requirements. Students taking courses in womenís studies will benefit by having a more complete education, a greater appreciation for womenís contributions, a greater sense of life options for women, and a fuller understanding of gender and its role in human life. Expertise in womenís studies will help students successfully handle gender-based power dynamics in all professions as well as prepare them for jobs in women-centered areas of health, social work, education, psychology, journalism, politics, public administration and business.