Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies

Multidisciplinary Studies Major with a Concentration in Environmental Hazards and Emergency Management

Millersville University’s new major, Multidisciplinary Studies (MDST), is an innovative and flexible program of study that builds on the University’s existing strengths in the liberal arts and sciences.  

With careful advisement, students are provided an opportunity to tailor studies to better meet their academic strengths and career goals.

The newly approved MDST Major with a Concentration in Environmental Hazards and Emergency Management has two core program tracks:

Core Program 1 (18 credits)

EHEM 201: Introduction to Emergency Management (3 credits)
EHEM 305: Disaster Management and Community Risk Assessment (3 credits)
EHEM 316: Introduction to Terrorism, WMD, and Homeland Security (3 credits)
OSEH 120: Introduction to Occupational Safety (3 credits)
OSEH 221: Industrial Fire Prevention (3 credits)
ESCI 101: Earth Systems and Natural Hazards (3 credits)

Core Program 2 (18 credits)

ESCI 107: The Atmosphere (3 credits)
ESCI 104: World Oceans (3 credits)
ESCI 221: Physical Geology (3 credits)
ESCI 245: Environmental Meteorology (3 credits)
ESCI 385:Global Change (3 credits)
GEOG 295: Geographical Information Systems (3 credits)

For more information on the MDST Major with a Concentration in Environmental Hazards and Emergency Management please view our brochure by clicking here.

For specific information on how to apply to the program and to access required forms please visit the MDST website by clicking here.