Alumni Spotlight

Scott Mickalonis, Program Manager for Emergency Preparedness

Scott Mickalonis, MS, CEM is the Program Manager for Emergency Preparedness for the Penn State Hershey Medical Center.  He joined the staff in 2014 and is responsible for facility’s comprehensive emergency management program.  Prior to joining Penn State Hershey, Scott was the Deputy Director for the Division of Emergency Management with the Montgomery County, PA Department of Public Safety for over 15 years.  Scott has a Bachelor of Science degree from the Pennsylvania  StatUniversity and received his Master of Science degree in Emergency Management from Millersville University’s Center for Disaster Research and Education.  He also  holds the International Association of Emergency Manager’s Certification as an Emergency Manager (CEM).  In addition to his responsibilities, Scott is a member of the  Advisory Board for the MSEM program at Millersville University and serves as the Vice-Chair and advisory board member on the Southcentral Task Force Hospital and  Healthcare Facilities Subcommittee. Scott also maintains certification as a paramedic, firefighter and hazardous materials technician.

 Current Position

"My current position as the Program Manager for Emergency Preparedness at Penn State Hershey Medical Center is complex and diverse.  Responsibilities include emergency planning, response and immediate recovery to disaster events for the 550 acre campus that is home to the Medical Center, Children’s Hospital, Cancer Institute, College of Medicine and Penn State Hershey Medical Group.  Much time is spent enhancing and developing emergency preparedness plans for risk areas and threats that are identified within and around the facility.  With over 10,000 faculty and staff, as well as a student population, patients and visitors, it is necessary to be able to respond to the unique needs of this population timely and efficiently.  Emerging threats, such as the recent Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak, allowed Emergency Management to assist in coordinating the effort to enhance public health preparedness on our campus.  In addition to planning and response, much time is spent conducting preparedness outreach and education so that staff can be ready at work and at home in order to keep the facility operating during disasters.  It truly is a position that works through all phases of emergency management every day."

Why Chose Millersville's MSEM Program?

"The MSEM provided me with the skills I need to be able to be successful in my career.  It is more than understanding process within Emergency Management.  MSEM helped me to develop professional presentation and communication skills and helped me to develop a peer network across the discipline that has enhanced my professional abilities.  Millersville’s MSEM program provided me a quality education with quality instruction in an environment that was flexible to my personal and professional life.  The on-line educational format allowed for people from across the country (and world) to come together virtually to collaborate and learn from each other.  The program exceeded the needs and my professional goals that I had established for myself.  The workload was manageable because I wasn’t losing time traveling to and from a campus."

Advice for Prospective Students

"Seek out the program that best meets your needs and personal goals.  Consider Millersville’s MSEM program by reviewing all of the benefits; education, curriculum, instruction, flexibility and the collaborative environment.  Be sure that you can make the commitment to the program before you begin.  Learn from each other and enjoy the ability to meet and work with people from across many disciplines and cultures.  It’s what makes our profession successful."