Alumni Spotlight

Alysse Stehli, Emergency Management Specialist

Alysse Stehli, MS, CFM has over five years of professional experience in emergency management, with special expertise in hazard mitigation planning at county and university-levels. She currently works as an analyst for the Department of Justice in Washington, DC. She previously worked as an emergency management specialist and planner for Tetra Tech, Inc., an international firm specializing in engineering, environmental work, and planning, among other areas. Ms. Stehli has contributed to projects in New Jersey; Pennsylvania; New York; Washington, DC; and across the country, including public health planning, all-hazards emergency planning, continuity planning, community resilience planning, and Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation (HSEEP)-compliant exercises.




The Millersville MSEM Experience

The Millersville Masters in Emergency Management (MSEM) program served as an integral step in Ms. Stehli’s career. The program served as an asset to her career development both because of its educational resources and networking opportunities. The MSEM program’s unique ability to blend both online and traditional (brick and mortar) benefits helps it provide more advantages to students than other programs in the country. The dedication and responsiveness of many of the Millersville professors to helping their students learn is another important consideration for prospective students. Ms. Stehli’s greatest piece of advice for prospective students, however, is to follow every possible opportunity in the chance that it will lead to fulfilling career goals and achieving long-term dreams. This includes seeking out additional courses in areas of interest; networking with professors, students, and local emergency management officials by attending trainings, conferences, and public County/local meetings; and by not ignoring any opportunity that comes by, even if it is one that you would never expect to lead anywhere. Dedication and determination are required for success.