Previous Virtual Seminars

Previous Virtual Seminars at the CDRE

Below lists previous speakers from our Virtual Seminar Series along with their topics and presentation materials.

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic


05/03/2013 Gregory Noll Program Manager South Central Task Force The Benefit and usage of Type 3 and Type 4 Incident Management Teams at Major Disasters Power Point (Available by request)
04/12/2013 David Randy Padfield Program Coordinator for the Fire Training Unit at HACC PA Task Force 1 Response to Hurricane Sandy: Overview and Lessons Learned Power Point (Available by request)
04/05/2013 Fran Marshall, J.D., M.S.P.H. State Toxicologist/Environmental Public Health Tracking Program Manager for the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Risk Communication Challenges & Opportunities Before, During and After an Emergency Event Power Point
11/16/2012 Alan Gerard Meteorologist-in-charge, NWS Weather Support for Emergency Management Power Point
10/19/2012 Terri Adams-Fuller Associate Professor & Coordinator of Administration of Justice Program Missing and Out of Action: Role Strain and Role Abandonment among Law Enforcement Officers in times of Disaster Power Point
09/21/2012 Edwin Hurston Director, Coalition and Non-beneficiary Healthcare Programs Defense Support of Civil Authorities Power Point
04/13/2012 Tim Bonno Principal Consultant – Timothy Bonno Consulting Using Social Media To Improve our Readiness
03/02/2012 Brian Bannon Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton Emergency Management Opportunities in Private Sector Power Point
02/17/2012 Scott Mickalonis Deputy Director for Emergency Managment, Montgomery County Department for Public Safety Certified Emergency Manager Certification Process Power Point
02/03/2012 Ed Smith, CEM FEMA Region II Federal Coordinating Officer Field Experience; Validating and Supplementing your Education and Training Power Point
11/18/2011 Elaine Enarson Independent Scholar- Lyons, Colorado Women, Men, and Gender in Emergency Management: Why and How to Change Business as Usual Power Point
10/14/2011 Jay Parish Penn State University Marcellus Shale and Potential Environmental Effects Power Point (Available by request)
09/23/2011 Anthony Subbio Tetra Tech EM Inc. Hazard Mitigation Planning and Project Funding Power Point
03/18/2011 Tom Allen East Carolina University Visualizing Hurricane Storm Surge Inundation for Risk Communication Power Point
02/18/2011 Timothy Sevison Deputy Director, Planning & Preparedness- Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) Managing the White Space of Emergency Management Operations Power Point
01/28/2011 Randy Gockley Director- Lancaster County Emergency Management Agency (LEMA) Responsibilities of a County Emergency Management Agency in a Commonwealth Power Point
11/19/2010 Lori Peek Colorado State University Behind the Backlash: Muslim Americans After 9/11 Power Point
10/15/2010 Scott Curtis East Carolina University A Global Perspective of Flood and Landslide Hazards Through Recent Advances in Satellite-based Research Power Point
09/17/2010 Rebecca Jennings Hurricane Program Specialist/ FEMA Region IV FEMA's Use and Misuse of Hurricane Forecast Information: Because Great Minds Don't Always Think Alike Power Point
06/18/2010 Dr. Ben Aguirre and Eric Best University of Delaware Lead, Follow, or Get in the Way: Creating Social Agent Systems in Simulated Physical Environments Power Point
05/21/2010 Jerry Mitchell University of South Carolina The Recovery Divide: Sociospatial Disparities in Disaster Recovery from Hurricane Katrina along Mississippi's Gulf Coast Power Point
04/23/2010 Eric Horst Millersville University Weather Information: Uses and Resources
03/19/2010 Kirsten Bookmiller, Duane Hagelgans, Charles Scharnberger, Libby Barland, and Amy Phillips Millersville University Earthquakes in Haiti and Chile Listen 46.2 MB/ 50 min