CDRE Announces New Graduate Certificate

Emergency and Disaster Management Graduate Certificate

Sepi Yalda and Chris Soelle         May 9, 2016

Millersville University will begin offering a fully online 15-credit Emergency and Disaster Management (EDM) Graduate Certificate in the fall of 2016.  Those students who successfully complete the certificate courses will be able to apply the earned 15 credits toward the Master of Science in Emergency Management degree.


The human and financial costs due to natural disasters continue to increase, with the United Nations reporting that during this century alone, such events have affected over 2.7 billion people and caused $2.5 trillion in economic losses. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has forecasted the US emergency management field will increase by 22 percent between 2008 and 2018.


MU has been pro-active in meeting the demands of this quickly expanding profession, developing one of the first multidisciplinary Master’s degrees in the country (MSEM), one of the nation’s first undergraduate degrees (Multi-disciplinary Studies Major with a Concentration in Environmental Hazards and Emergency Management) and one of the only dual-degree MSEM-Master of Social Work (MSW) programs in the world. The EDM certificate will complement the existing program offerings by providing students an advanced field credential. Additionally, the graduate certificate is part of a new partnership between MU and the University of Reading in the UK.