Applying for Your Certificate

Certification Application Instructions

  • When you begin your final semester in which you will be graduating or completing your certification program, you should submit a "Request for Verification of your Program" from Millersville. You may submit this request electronically by clicking HERE or by visiting the "Get Certified in PA" tab to the left of this page.

  • On the first day of the month of your graduation or the completion of your certification program, you may submit your completed "Credential Application" through the Teacher Information Management System (TIMS) application portal with the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  A "Screenshot Guide" for navigating TIMS is available HERE or under the "Get Certified in PA" tab to the left of this page.

  • Once a TIMS application has been submitted and paid for, a copy of the TIMS coversheet should be submitted to the Certification office via fax, scan/email or through the TIMS Coversheet portal found on the "Get Certified in PA" tab to the left of this page.

  • All Instructions for completing the Certification process are in the Certification Check-List that can be found under the "Get Certified in PA" tab to the left of this page.

Receiving Your Certificate

To Receive Your Certificate As Soon As Possible:

  • Ideally,  ALL APPLICANTS SHOULD FOLLOW THE CERTIFICATION APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE, 90-DAYS PRIOR TO GRADUATION OR COMPLETION OF A CERTIFICATION PROGRAM. This time frame gives the Certification Office time to check for your test scores, check your graduation application and grades for your last semester, prepare a verification letter for you to include with job applications, etc.

  • The affirmation and recommendation required by the state of Pennsylvania for final certificaiton, will be submitted electronically through the TIMS application portal directly to PDE as soon as possible after the end of the semester and after we have received all required certification materials.

  • Please note: Approval of final certification will be communicated to applicants directly by the Bureau of Teacher Preparation and Certification in Harrisburg.  Re-entry into the TIMS application portal will be required in order to print a copy of the certificate issued by the state.  Certificates are no longer mailed to applicants.

  • The "official" copy of credentials are viewed by prospective employers and school districts through the TIMS portal with an applicants PPID#.

Certification Application Code Numbers

Instructional I - Type Code 61 (first certificate)
Instructional II - Type Code 62
Subject Code
Art 1405
Biology 8405
Chemistry 8420
Citizenship Education 8825
Earth Science 8440
English 3230
French 4410
German 4420
Grades PreK-4 2825
Grades 4-8 3100
Mathematics 6800
Music 7205
Physics 8470
Reading Specialist 7650
Social Studies 8875
Spanish 4490
Special Education (PreK-8) 9226
Special Education (7-12) 9227
Technology Education 6075
Educational Specialist - Type Code 31
Subject Code
Elementary School Counselor 1836
School Nurse 1890
School Psychologist 1875
Secondary School Counselor 1837
Supervisory - Type Code 76
Subject Code
Art 1415
Communication (English) 3215
Curriculum & Instruction (K-12) 2915
Early Childhood 2827
Elementary 2815
Foreign Languages 4415
Industrial Arts/Technology Education 5915
Mathematics 6815
Music 7215
Reading 7615
School Guidance Services 1815
School Health Services 1891
School Psychological Services 1877
Science 8415
Social Studies 8815
Special Education 9215
Administrative - Type Code 78
Subject Code
Principal K-12 1115