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Physical Chemistry Research

Physical Chemistry Research


Mike Novak

A Study of the Phenomenon of Fluorescence Resonant Energy Transfer

Student Researcher: Michael V. Novak
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mark Iannone

This research focuses on the synthesis of pairs of specific organic fluorophores linked by various types of polymer chains. The fluorescent properties of the paired fluorophores are analyzed using florescence spectroscopy. This is to study the phenomenon of Fluorescence Resonant Energy Transfer (FRET). FRET is characterized by one molecule being excited at a precise wavelength of light, which fluoresces emitting energy at a lower energy wavelength where a second molecule may be excited by the emission energy of the first molecule. The second molecule then fluoresces to emit an even lower energy wavelength. So in efficient energy transfer, only the emission spectra of the second molecule is observed instead of emission spectra of the first excited molecule.