Choices Alcohol Education Program

Choices Alcohol Education Program

Marauder Choices Program

Millersville University received a Choices NCAA alcohol education grant in 2013 to integrate athletics into campus-wide efforts to reduce alcohol abuse.  

Project goals include:

  • Increasing peer to peer education among student-athletes and the campus community.
  • Challenging the norm that all student athletes drink in excessive and dangerous ways.
  • Increasing late night programming offered to MU students.
  • Raising self awareness about personal alcohol risk among high risk student group.

Key initiatives include:

  • Developing a social norms campaign utilizing student-athletes aimed at reducing the perception that alcohol consumption is central to the lives of all student-athletes;
  • Helping student-athletes understand the norms of alcohol use among their athlete peers, and to help student-athletes understand their alcohol use as compared to non-student-athletes;
  • Developing a student-athlete peer education group to educate MU students about alcohol;
  • Placing student-athletes at the forefront of prevention education through increased participation in campus-wide prevention programming;
  • Expanding late night/weekend programming as well as programming at athletic events to raise awareness about sportsmanship and alcohol use;
  • Providing opportunities for student-athletes, Greeks, Club Sports participants, and first year students to increase their self awraeness about their alcohol consumption through completion of the PA State System of Higher Education online self-assessment with reflection and discussion facilitated by peer educators.

Student-Athlete Social Norms

Millersville University participates in the American College Health Association's National Collegiate Health Assessment every other fall semester in order to gather data on current health priorities impacting our students.  Data collected from the survey is analyzed and disseminated through a social norms campaign during the fall semester immediately following the fall semester that the survey is administered.  The social norms campaign specifically focuses on alcohol and other drug issues.  It is our intent to provide students with an accurate picture of alcohol and other drug use on campus and to promote that many students at Millersville make responsible and healthy decisions regarding alcohol use.  The campaign features posters, Facebook messages, Snapper advertisements, give away items, information in Stall Talk, etc.  Want to see the numbers from the Social Norms Survey for MU varsity athletes? Click here to view: At A Glance: Millersville University Varsity Athlete Social Norms Fact Sheet.

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