Meet the Peer Educators

Meet the Peer Educators

Fall 2013 Peer Educators


Alcohol and Other Drugs: Matthew Levin, Project Lead; Sammie Strickler; Deanna Durbin; Christopher Lucas; Tayon Haygood; and Remi Schwartz

Mental Health

Mental Health: Allyson Frey; Tiffany Hall, Project Lead; Nzinga Lloyd; Taliah Greenawalt; and Imani Roberts


Nutrition, Physical Activity and Body Image: Rachel Hall; Claire Merti; Janet Jaccinor, Project Lead; Blair Welsh; and Marie Claire Egbert

Sexual Resp

Sexual Responsibility/Healthy Relationships: Jilyssa Butler; Deloris Washington; Casey Stover, Chad Brightbill; and Kelsey Sevenski, Project Lead

Sexual Violence

Sexual Violence: Kaitlyn Pearson; Jennifer Perez: Karli Van Duzer; Emily Rieser: Kayleen Spencer, Project Lead; and Christian DeJesus

Meet the Student Manager

Richard Khuu