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Calling Men to Action

This Men-Only program embraces the help and courage of MU men. We know that gender violence isn't just a “women’s issue,” it’s a problem for everyone. We see men as valuable allies in the fight against gender violence, and we use this interactive program to motivate involvement and to brainstorm ways to help.

The Date

Date rape is an all too common occurrence, especially on college campuses.  This interactive program helps students learn more about what date rape is, how to help a friend who was a victim of date rape, and ways to protect yourself.

Hey Baby

This program provides students the knowledge they need to be able to identify different types of harassment, its impact on a person's self-esteem, and how to deal with it on campus and after graduation.

Not Fooling Me

This program has participants critically look at the way media portrays body image and the affects that it has on them and ways to improve self-image.

Red Zone Awareness

This program raises awareness of the dangers of the "Red Zone" which is the time period from the first day of the semester until the first break, when transfer and first-year students are at highest risk to be a victim of sexual assault.

Relationships 101

In this program, participants actively discuss various types of intimate relationships they may experience in college.  The program highlights both healthy and unhealthy aspects of relationships and encourages participants to effectively communicate with current and future partners.

Sex Goes to the Movies

Collaborating with our sister group, the Peer Health Educators, this program uses popular movie clips to educate participants about risky and unsafe partying, alcohol consumption, and consent, and also provides risk reduction strategies.

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