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About Our Peer Education Program

Are you interested in having the MU Peer Educators facilitate a workshop at your site? Students in our two peer education groups, the Empower Peer Educators and Peer Health Educators are trained in providing interactive educational workshops.

Empower Peer Educators (EPEs) are Millersville University students dedicated to educating, advocating, and raising awareness of gender issues on campus and in the community.  EPEs participate in intensive training in order to be qualified to educate others on a wide variety of issues including sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence, healthy relationships, and body image.

Peer Health Educators (PHEs) are Millersville University students dedicated to providing up-to-date health information in a non-judgmental fashion to Millersville students and the community.  PHEs participate in intensive training in order to be qualified to educate others on a wide variety of issues including sexual health, nutrition, alcohol, diversity, and stress management.

Empower Peer Education Programs

Please keep in mind that the programs have been created for college students but can be updated based on the needs of your audience.  All programs are facilitated by trained MU student peer educators and last for one hour.

Topic: Sexual Violence
  Calling Men to Action
This men-only program embraces the help and courage of men as we know that gender violence isn't just a "women's issue," it's a problem for everyone. We see men as valuable allies in the fight against gender violence, and we use this interactive program to motivate involvement and to brainstorm ways to help.

Topic: Date Rape
Title: The Date
Date rape is an all to common occurrence, especially on college campuses.  This interactive program helps participants learn more about what date rape is, how to help a friend who was a victim of date rape and ways to protet yourself.

Topic: Sexual Harassment
Hey Baby
This program provides individuals the knowledge they need to be able to identify different types of harassment, its impact on a person's self-esteem, and what to do if you find yourself in a harassment situation.

Topic: Body Image
Title:  Not Fooling Me
This program has participants critically look at the way media portrays body image and the affects that it has on them and ways to improve self-image.

Topic: Sexual Assault
Title:  Red Zone Awareness
This program raises awareness of the dangers of the "Red Zone" which is the time period from the first day of the semester until the first break, when transfer and first-year students are at highest risk to be a victim of sexual assault.  This program is beneficial for students preparing to go to college in the next year to two.

Topic: Healthy Relationships
Title:  Relationships 101
In this program, participants actively discuss various types of intimate relationships they may experience in college.  The program highlights both healthy and unhealthy aspects of relationships and encourages participants to effectively communicate with current and future partners.

Topic: Risky Behaviors
Title: Sex Goes to the Movies
Collaborating with our sister group, the Peer Health Educators, this program uses popular movie clips to educate participants about risky and unsafe partying, alcohol consumption, and consent, and also provides risk reduction strategies.                                                  

Peer Health Education Programs

Please keep in mind that the programs have been created for college students but can be updated based on the needs of your audience.  All programs are facilitated by trained MU student peer educators and last for one hour.

Topic: Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Title: The ABCs of STDs
Increases participants understanding of STDs, and provides information on prevention strategies and available forms of testing and treatment for STDs.

Topic: Mental Health Awareness
Title:  B.A.M. (Body and Mind: Mental Health Awareness)
Encourages discussions about mental health to help participants become more comfortable talking about the topic.  Information is provided to participants to increase knowledge on the challenges that face good mental health, to identify and address common mental health concerns, and to provide available mental health resources on and off campus.

Topic: Conflict Management
Title:  Managing Daily Conflict
Helps participants identify types of conflict, recognize the importance of considering differences when resolving conflict, and provides information on various conflict resolution strategies.

Topic: Nutrition
Title:  Nutrition-The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
Assists participants in evaluating the concepts of nutrition and diet and the role they play in a healthy lifestyle through providing information on portion sizes, mypyramid.gov, how to read a food label, and tips on eating healthy.

Topic: Alcohol Use and Abuse
Title:  Party 101
Engages participants in discussions about the use of alcohol on campus, social pressures and attitudes regarding alcohol and one's decision to drink, how nutrition and alcohol consumption are related, protective strategies, alcohol poisoning, and alcohol and the law.

Topic: Contraceptive Options
Title:  RubberWear Party
Offers a fun and interactive way to discuss contraception options and their role in safer sex practices. 

Topic: Stress Management
Title:  Stress Be Gone
Helps participants to identify major life stressors, see how the perceptions of stress can affect level of stress, as well as understand the importance of sleep and time management.

Topic: Diversity Awareness
Who in the World
An interactive way to discuss diversity through learning about unique qualities of others and appreciating the differences between all of us.

How to Request Our Programs

When requesting a program:

  • Please provide us with a minimum of 3 weeks advance notice when requesting a program.
  • After we receive your program request, expect to receive an email response within 3 days indicating that your request was received.
  • You will receive a program confirmation by email within a week after we receive your program request. 
    *We do not present programs on Wednesday evenings between 9pm and 10pm due to our weekly staff meeting.

If interested in requesting one of our programs, please complete the request form found here and return it to the Wellness and Women's Program within two weeks of the requested program date. 

Forms can be emailed (to either the Empower Peer Education or Peer Health Education email account depending on the program requested), mailed, or faxed (see contact us below).  *The program request form will be available to submit online shortly. 

The requesting organization will be charged a fee of $100 per program.  Please mail your check, payable to Millersville University, prior to the date of your program. 

Contact Us

To contact the Empower Peer Education Program:
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Fax: 717-871-2496

To contact the Peer Health Education Program
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