Peer Educator Programs

Peer Education Programs

The Peer Educators offer a variety of awareness programs for the University community.  These are interactive presentations that can be presented to resident halls, athletic teams, fraternities, sororities, clubs, or other organizations.

The programs (each approximately 1 hour in length) include:

  • Alcohol, Zombies and MU:  A discussion about the use of alcohol on campus.  Students learn risk reduction strategies as well as ways to avoid social pressures.  Additionally, students learn the signs of alcohol poisoning and how the law plays a role.

    Chasing that First High: An interactive program on substance abuse and addiction.  Students learn skills on how to recognize if someone has an issue with drugs and where to find help on campus.

    Sex Goes to the Movies: This program uses popular movie clips to educate participants about risky and unsafe partying, alcohol consumption, consent, and how to avoid these risky situations.

  • Stress Be Gone: Students identify major stressors in their life and how their perception of them can impact the level of stress.  The program helps participants understand the importance of sleep and time management as well as stress reduction techniques.

    BAM!  Body and Mind: This program will help you increase your knowledge on good mental health and how to identify and address common mental health concerns.  Students will become aware of available resources on and off campus.

  • The Hunger Games: This program evaluates the concepts of nutrition and diet and the role they play in a healthy lifestyle.

    Commit to Be Fit: A physical fitness program that highlights the importance of exercise, different types of physical activity, and how to maintain a healthy weight.

    Not Fooling Me: This program exposes the media's portrayal of body image and the impact it has on young adults and ways to improve self-image.

  • ABCS of STDS: Students increase their understanding of STD's, preventive strategies and available forms of testing and treatment.

    Rubberware Party: A fun and interactive way to discuss contraception and their role in safer sex practices.

    Sex & Chocolate: This question and answer session provides an opportunity to openly talk about relationships and to ask questions about sex and relationships.

    Hooking Up: Keepin' It REALtionships: Actively discusses various types of intimate relationships.  Students discuss healthy and unhealthy aspects of relationships and learn to effectively communicate with current and future partners.

  • Calling Men to Action: This men-only program embraces the help and courage of men.  Gender violence isn't just a women's issue.  This program seeks to motivate men to be involved in ending sexual violence.

    Hey Baby: This program identifies different types of harassment, their impact on a person's self-esteem, and how to deal with it on campus.

    Red Zone: This program raises awareness of the "Red Zone", the time period from the first day of the semester until the first break, when transfer and first-year students are at a heightened risk of being a victim of sexual assault.

    Sex Goes to the Movies: This program uses popular movie clips to educate participants about risky and unsafe partying, alcohol consumption, consent, and how to avoid these risky situations. Break the Silence, End the Violence: This program is aimed at debunking some of the common myths that are associated with sexual violence and the definition of consent. Another goal of Break The Silence, End the Violence is to talk about the importance of being an active bystander and some easy ways on how to intervene in a potentially harmful situation. Lastly, it gives simple ways on how to lower your risk of sexual violence on our campus.

    Got Consent: The program purpose is to increase the knowledge of sexual assault and understanding about consent. It is presented by PowerPoint, but highly interactive to bring awareness towards sexual assault and consent. This program will also discuss the Red Zone, which this time starting on the first day on campus until the first break when students are at an increase risk of being sexually assaulted.

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To contact the Peer Education Program to learn more about our programs, or to request a program:

Tel: 717-871-2329

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When requesting a program:

  • Please provide us with a minimum of 2 weeks notice.
  • We do not present programs on Wednesday evenings between 9pm and 10:30pm due to our weekly meeting.
  • After requesting a program, expect to receive an email response within 3 business days (with the exception of holidays and breaks) indicating that your request was received.
  • You will receive a program confirmation via email within a business week (with the exception of holidays and breaks) after requesting the program unless noted otherwise by the student manager.
  • Please respond to the email confirmation within 3 days indicating that everything is set for the program.