Social Norms

2013 College Health Survey


Starting November 5, 2013 all Millersville University undergraduate students will receive an email invitation from the American College Health Association to complete the National Collegiate Health Assessment. The survey will be open through November 19, 2013.

Participation in the survey is voluntary.  Millersville University never sees individual responses to the survey.  We send your email address to the American College Health Association who administers the survey and collects responses.  Millersville University only sees an aggregate report of data.

It is extremely important that you answer each question honestly.  This data is used to inform the university about the health behaviors of our students and guides educational programming.

Social Norms at Millersville

Millersville University participates in the American College Health Association's National Collegiate Health Assessment every other fall semester in order to gather data on current health priorities impacting our students.  Data collected from the survey is analyzed and disseminated through a social norms campaign during the fall semester immediately following the fall semester that the survey is administered.  The social norms campaign specifically focuses on alcohol and other drug issues.  It is our intent to provide students with an accurate picture of alcohol and other drug use on campus and to promote that many students at Millersville make responsible and healthy decisions regarding alcohol use.  The campaign features posters, facebook messages, Snapper advertisements, give away items, information in Stall Talk, etc.

Want to see the numbers from the Social Norms Survey? Click here to view: At A Glance: Millersville University Social Norms Fact Sheet

National Collegiate Health Assessment Reference Group Survey Data

To view the executive summary from the reference group, consisting of 105,781 respondents who took the survey in the fall 2011, click here.  To view the full 2011 reference group report, click here.

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