Changfu Chang

Dr. Changfu Chang

Dr. Changfu Chang

Office: Bassler 112
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Additional Information

Changfu Chang (Ph.D., Purdue University, 2000) is professor of communication at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. An awarding-winning documentary filmmaker, Dr. Chang has produced or co-produced a dozen widely acclaimed programs, including The Invisible Red Thread (2012), Sofia’s Journey (2011), Daughters’ Return (2011), Long Wait For Home (2008), Illicit: The Dark Trade (2008), The Willow Trees (2005), Golden Venture (2005), and Love Without Boundaries (2003). Dr. Chang was featured in numerous leading newspapers such as The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and the London-based Financial Times.

Dr. Chang’s research interests focus on communication, culture, technology, and their relationship to modernity and globalization. He has published over 20 research papers, book chapters, reviews, or encyclopedia entries on media coverage, language and culture, and embedded logocentrism in communication theories and praxis.

Dr. Chang teaches in the areas of video production, broadcast writing, communication law, intercultural communication, as well as speech communication.  He has taught courses at Nanchang University, Purdue University, and Millersville University of Pennsylvania. 

Here is a recent feature on Dr. Chang and his work by The Philadelphia Inquirer:

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