Fall 2011 Symposium


To Catch a Hacker: 
Technologies that bad guys use to catch you, and good guys use to catch them …

By Sam Stover - CTO, iSIGHT Partners Inc.

Date : Thursday November 18th, 2010
Time : 7:00 PM
Location: Roddy Hall, Room 261

Advances in technology and innovation have made the Internet a very convenient place for both "good people" and "bad people" (hackers).  Online banking, mobile computing, big bandwidth and enormous computing power create a tasty environment for people who want to take your money, your identity and your way of life. 

Anonymizers, encryption and fast-flux DNS make it easy for hackers to hide their tracks - it's almost as if the evolution of the Internet took place to accommodate the criminals.  This talk will touch on some of the important trends and technologies that bad guys use, and good guys use to catch them, if they can in fact be caught.

Lecture Resources
Using Memory Dumps In Digital Forensics

Analysis Of The Stormand Nugache Trojans: P2P Is Here

Sam Stover is the Director of Technical Operations at iSIGHT Partners Inc. He became interested in network security in 1999 while working at a small Financial Institution.  He caught some bad people trying to break into the banks website, and got hooked on Intrusion Detection Systems before they were "cool".  He now conducts penetration testing exercises, examines malware, provides advice on networking infrastructure and brews beer in his spare time.