Spring 2011 Symposium


Turning Ideas Into Apps 
Creating Mobile apps, Web apps and more

By Brian Dickman - CEO, Cleverlike Co.

Date : Thursday April 21, 2011
Time : 6:30 PM
Location: Caputo Hall, Room 210

Millersville alumnus and technology entrepreneur, Brian Dickman, will deliver an engaging discussion on the art of bringing software products to market. With over 20 years experience in software development, Mr. Dickman has a wealth of experience in launching desktop applications, web services and mobile apps from concept to completion. His combined strengths in both technology and business has given him the unique ability to turn ideas into revenue-generating products. Join us for an evening that will educate, inspire and entertain those aspiring to turn their ideas into reality. 

Brian Dickman graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Millersville University in 1993, the beginning of the .com Era. His entrepreneurial spirit was evident during his time at MU and continued to flourish through an exciting career that has brought him from Allentown, PA to California and Denver, CO. Whether it's turning a hobby into a business or creating a product for an established company, Brian has extensive experience in developing products and bringing them to market. His products have generated millions of dollars in revenue already and he's always developing something new. His most recent product, a cloud-based music service released in April 2011, was honored with two industry innovation awards in its first week on the market. He enjoys sharing the wisdom of his experiences to help motivate others to turn their dreams into reality.