Frequently Asked Questions

Am I the fraternity type?

There is no fraternity type. Most of the stereotypes about fraternity membership are myths. One of the strengths of Millersville's fraternity community, is the diversity we have in our organizations. Each fraternity, no matter how large or small in number, consists of members who have varied interests and backgrounds.

Do I have to go through any type of Formal Recruitment, like the sorority women do?

No, fraternity recruitment is all informal.

Do I have to look at all the Fraternities on campus?

No, you are not required to look at all of the fraternities. However, you are strongly encouraged to do so. In taking a look at all the fraternities on campus, you will then be able to make a decisive decision about which one is right for you.

How do I get a bid?

Bids are extended by each fraternity at the end of their recruitment period, which is generally 4-6 weeks into the semester. Do not feel obligated to accept a bid until you are sure that you have made the best decision.

How much time does a fraternity take?

In addition to the fraternities social and recreational functions, meetings and other activities usually require about four to eight hours per weeks. While fraternity membership does not require a certain amount of time, most fraternity men find little problem blending their fraternity activities with their scholastic schedules, work, and other obligations. Some fraternities require more time than others, so be sure to ask questions regarding time commitments during recruitment.

What effect will a fraternity have on my grades?

In a fraternity, members assist each other by giving general recommendations and evaluations of classes to each other, and you can always find a fraternity brother to help you with your studies. Fraternities offer study sessions, tutoring programs, grade point average requirements, and other programs to help meet the academic needs of their members. The main determinant in any student's grades is their personal work ethic. Overall, there are also some fraternities who excel more than others academically. You are encouraged to learn about the academic achievement of each chapter by clicking on the "Scholarship" link, located on the main page of this site.

If I'm new to Millersville, isn't it better to get myself established before joining a fraternity?

Absolutely! This is part of the reason that Millersville doesn't allow students to join a fraternity or sorority until they have completed 12 college credits. What this truly gives students is an opportunity to establish themselves academically, and get to know all of the fraternities in your first semester, you just can't join until you've completed 12 credits. You are encouraged to explore fraternity life and all of the fraternities on campus for the first semester, and then make the decision to "Go Greek" if the decision is right for you. There are many people who may be great resources for you during your first semester, who are Greek. Seek out the resources in the fraternities who will help you academically, and help you truly get established on campus.