Millersville University Sorority Recruitment

Panhellenic Council

Welcome to Millersville University Sorority Recruitment! By choosing to be a student at the 'Ville, you have opened the doors to many new and exciting opportunities, extracurricular activities, and college years full of incredible memories. We're excited that you are taking an interest in finding out how you can become a member of a fraternity or sorority at Millersville.

Choosing to "Go Greek" will affect the rest of your life. It is a decision that will provide you opportunities for leadership, scholarship, and service. Most importantly, you will also have the opportunity to make some life-long friendships with a group of peers who are going through the same experiences, challenges, changes, and excitement of college life that you are.

The Greek experience itself goes way beyond being a part of an organization. It is an opportunity to network across the country with fellow members of a fraternity or sorority. You can create some of the best memories of your life through membership in a fraternity or sorority.

Recruitment is the process by which fraternities and sororities obtain new members. It is a mutual selection process and an opportunity for sorority members and potential new members to get to know one another. As you go through the Recruitment process, you should take advantage of the opportunity to learn about all of the sororities on campus. You should also look for a group of women that you could share sisterhood, or lifelong friendship with; a group of women that will support you in achieving your goals.

Recruitment at Millersville is distinguished into two major components: Formal and informal recruitment. Formal recruitment is the recruitment period that takes place at the beginning of the spring semester each year. Informal recruitment, often times called "Continuous Open Bidding" or "COB", takes place in the fall semester and after formal recruitment ends in the spring semester.

Once you join a sorority, you will have the opportunity to enjoy several different stages of membership: New membership, initiation, active membership, and alumnae membership.

Hundreds of students at Millersville enjoy the benefits of being Greek. Wherever you go in life, being Greek will provide you with many advantages and career opportunities. You are encouraged to ask questions, relax, and enjoy your recruitment experience. Joining a Greek organization is a big decision, but one that you won't regret! There has never been a better time to "Go Greek"!

For more information on Greek Life or recruitment, the following links are available: