Chalking, Flyers and Posting Policy

Chalking, Flyers and Posting Policy

Millersville University Posting Policy

Campus bulletin boards are designed to inform students about Millersville University Opportunities, therefore events related to the registered campus groups, departments and offices are the priority. Other flyers may be removed to allow registered campus groups, departments and offices posting space.   



1.    In accordance with the University’s drug and alcohol policy, the marketing, advertising or promotion of alcohol or referring to alcohol or other illicit drug use, abuse, sale or distribution is prohibited.

2.    Sexist and discriminatory materials are strictly prohibited.

3.    No more than one flyer will be allowed to be posted per bulletin board.

4.    Approved signs may be hung on bulletin boards.  All signs placed on glass doors/windows, painted/finished surfaces, or the building exterior will be removed.  In addition, no posters, flyers or announcements may be attached to  unapproved areas such as: trees, sidewalks, benches, walkways, stairs, trashcans, newspaper boxes or recycling bins.

5.    Staple guns are not permitted. Tacks are preferred.

6.    All printed advertisements, announcements and signs must be identified with the name of the person responsible.
7.    Flyers and postings must not exceed 11”x17” in size.
8.   All flyers and postings will be stamped with a date three weeks from posting.  Upon this date, the posting will be  removed.  In the case of time sensitive postings, the flyer will be stamped with a date one day after the event advertised.

The Center for Student Involvement and Leadership has designated bulletin boards for the various student organization categories.  ONLY registered student organizations in the designated category may post on those bulletin boards.


Student Organizations may publicize events by chalking ONLY on exposed sidewalks (i.e. NOT areas such as WALLS of BUILDINGS, PILLARS, SIDEWALKS COVERED by OVERHANGS, etc.) All chalking should be done with chalk labeled as Sidewalk Chalk.

This serves as a warning. Individuals or organizations that deface and vandalize University property through the use of chalking will face judicial actions.

Also, please note all the posted publicity on campus must be stamped and approved by the Information Desk in the Student Memorial Center and posted ONLY in areas/bulletin boards designated for random poster hanging or Campus Information. Posted materials must be in compliance with the policies of Millersville University.  Approval for postings is not an endorsement or sponsorship by Millersville University. Posters for the residence halls should be stamped by the Student Memorial Center then given to the main Housing Office, located in Harbold Hall. The publicity will be distributed and hung by the residence hall staff. If you would like a poster or flyer hung hung in each hall of every residence hall and one for each lobby, provide the Housing Office with approximately 82 posters or flyers.

Students are encouraged to also use campus media outlets like The Snapper, WIXQ, The Spot, the Residence Life Movie Channel  please contact those entities for guidelines.