Student Organization Registration

Student Organization Registration

At the start of each academic year or when organization information changes, ALL organizations (both previously existing and new) must complete the online registration process with the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership. To be eligible for registration, organizations must meet the following criteria:

o Must be recognized by Student Senate

o Must have a member designated to serve as treasurer and one to serve as President of the organization

o Must have an advisor who is a current Millersville University faculty or staff member

o Must submit an updated copy of your organization’s constitution

Steps to Registering:

Step One: The registration form can be filled out online at the Get Involved @ MU website organizations

Step Two: Click on the button to “Register a New Organization” on the left hand side or scroll through the organizations to the organization you are registering and click the “Register this Organization” button directly below the organization

Step Three: Fill out the Registration Form which includes uploading your organization’s constitution

Notes when filling out the registration:

• The PRESIDENT must be the person filling out the registration, and therefore will act as the primary contact for the organization.

• You must use your marauder email account as your contact email—no other email address will be accepted by the registration form.

• You may not use “Millersville University or MU” to precede your organization name.  In other words, you cannot be the “Millersville University .”  You may, however, add the university name to the end of your organization, designating that you are the “ at Millersville University”.

• On the first page of the registration, organization contact information pertains to the organization, not the president. If you have a special email address, mailing address, etc. for the organization, please list it on the organization contact information page.

• You will need to have the Marauder or Millersville email address for the vice president, treasurer, secretary, and faculty/staff advisor.

• Please make sure you have a copy of your organization’s constitution, as you will be asked to upload the document as part of the registration process.

Step Four: Submit the Information.

Step Five: Print an Advisor Agreement Form found at, meet with your advisor, and return the signed Advisor Agreement Form to the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership (SMC 118)

What happens after you submit the information? The Center for Student Involvement & Leadership will review your registration form to ensure that all criteria are met. Once approved, the student organization will be eligible for the following benefits:

o Eligible to apply for funding through Student Senate’s allocation process

o Permitted to conduct fundraisers on campus (abiding by the lottery rules found in subsequent pages)

o Permitted to host and receive funding for a ‘Ville After Dark event

o Permitted to have an account with Student Services Inc.

o Permitted to have a mailbox in the SMC (space permitting)

o Permitted to apply to host a Party