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For a current list of registered student organizations, please go to the get involved @mu website.  To login, please use your MyVille username and password. Please note, this list will change daily as organizations complete the registration process.

Student Organization Annual Registration

We've implemented a new Student Organization Registration System.  The new get involved @mu website ( is a way to connect students with involvement opportunities on campus.  We are using it for a variety of things, including organization registration, event management, and community service tracking.  You can use your organization page to send messages to members, upload documents and pictures, create forms, invite people to events, and numerous other things that should be helpful to you and your members.

Please go to to register your organization.  You must login first by clicking the login button in the top right corner. Your login for this system is the same as your MyVille account username and password. After you login there will be a button in the bottom left corner that says "Register a New Organization".

Starting a New Student Organization

  1. Pick up a "New Club or Organization" Packet from Student Senate Office, located in 118 of the Student Memorial Center. This packet has all the information and guidelines for starting a new club or organization – if you have any questions please contact the Student Senate
  2. Fill out the Petition in the Packet. The Petition includes the Name of the Club or Organization, an Advisor for the Club (who also must submit a letter of recommendation), and a page where 25 people who are interested in the club must sign.
  3. Submit the Petition to the Constitution Committee of Student Senate. The Constitution Committee will review the Petition and, if everything is acceptable, will approve it. The Constitution Committee Chairman will then submit the Petition for the Full Student Senate to approve. If they approve it, the Club or Organization will go on what is called Temporary Status. Temporary status means that the club is recognized, and it may hold an account with Student Services, have a mailbox, and they may use campus facilities for organizational meetings and functions. Temporary status lasts one Calendar year.
  4. Submit a Constitution and list of current officers and advisors to the Constitution Committee within 6 weeks. The Constitution Committee will review the submitted Constitution, and if it is acceptable, will approve it. The Constitution must be approved by the end of the temp status period.
  5. After the temporary status period, the club or organization will go before the Constitution Committee for a review hearing. This hearing will consist of what the club or organization has been doing, and how it is contributing to the University. The Constitution Committee will then approve or deny permanent status. If approved, then it will be taken before the full Senate for approval. Once on permanent status, the club or organization may apply for funds or allocations