Final Stretch

Final Stretch

Final Stretch

Final Stretch is a week of events that occurs each semester during finals week designed to help students prpeare and destress for finals. Final Stretch launched during the Fall 2011 semester in the midst of the library being closed for renovations. This event has transformed over the semesters and has featured massages, mediation, arts and crafts, Wii Tournaments, and everybody’s favorite:Therapy Dogs. Whether they need a study break or just want to grab a snack in the midst of studying, Final Stretch is sure to offer something for everyone to help sttudent's prepare and destress.

Spring 2014 Schedule

Day 1

Friday, May 2nd

SMCtivities: SMC 7-11 PM
Mini Golf: SMC 18 7-11 PM
Casino Night: SMC MPR 8-11 PM

Day 2
Saturday, May 3rd

Footprints' Love Cafe: SMC MPR 6-9 PM
"That Awkward Moment": SMC MPR 9:30 PM & Midnight

Day 3

Sunday, May 4th

Ball Pit: SMC Atrium 2-4 PM

Day 4

Monday, May 5th

KPETS: Therapy Dogs: SMC Atrium 7-11 PM

Outlet: SMC MPR 7-11 PM

Day 5
Tuesday, May 6th

Baggo Bash: Fitness Center 7-11 PM

KPETS: Therapy Dogs SMC Atrium Noon-6 PM

Massages: SMC MPR 8-11 PM

Sign ups start Monday, April 28th at 9 AM in the CSIL office and will continue until all available timeslots are filled.

Day 6

Wednesay, May 7th

KPETS: Therapy Dogs: SMC Atrium 6-8 PM

Ball Pit: SMC Atrium 6-8 PM

Zumba: Fitness Center 8-9 PM

Day 7

Thursday, May 8th

Spring Craft Day: Potted Plants: SMC Atrium 2-4 PM

Finals Schedule

Spring 2014 finals begin on Tuesday, May 6th and continue until Saturday, May 10th.

Click here to view the full finals schedule.

Good luck on finals and have a great summer break!