Meal Plans

Meal Plans

Admission to the Dining Hall

A valid University Photo ID card is required to be admitted to a dining facility.  Registered students who have chosen a specific meal plan will have their ID card magnetically encoded for the appropriate plan.
The ID card is non-transferable and as such guarantees the use only by the card owner. Use or attempted use by anyone other than the owner constitutes a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and is subject to University disciplinary action.
The ID card should be treated as a credit card. If it is lost, immediate contact should be made to the ID Office in the lobby of the Boyer Building at campus ext. 7008, or to any unit cashier where the card may be used.
More information on ID requirements can be found in ID Card Requirements (pdf)

Changes and Additions to Meal Plans

Unless otherwise notified, all resident students are automatically enrolled in the 210 Meal Plan every semester.

Resident Students: If you want to reduce to the 185 meal plan, log onto MAX and complete the following:

Click on Student Services
select 'My Dining'
click login under 'My Housing'
select Dining tab on the left hand side of the page
select 'Continue'
select 'Dining Plan'
go to your Semester Account to view your new balance

If you wish to change from a 210 Meal Plan to the 250 Meal Plan, contact the Bursar's Office at (717) 871-5101.

Resident Student Teachers and Resident Co-Ops who plan to reduce to a plan with less than 14 meals per week must contact the Bursar's Office (717) 871-5101.

Commuter and Graduate Students can follow the instructions above to add a meal plan. After your meal plan has been added, go to your Semester Account to view your new balance.

Visitors and Guests

Students' parents and friends are always welcome in the University Dining Halls. Guests may pay for their meals at the dining room entrance. Each student is allotted 2 guest meals per semester as part of their meal plan. Students may also use flex dollars to pay for guests. Guest cash prices are as follows and may be charged to the student's flexible dollars account:

Breakfast: $ 8.25
Lunch: $ 10.75         
Dinner: $ 14.50

Students, faculty, staff, or anyone showing an MU Identification Card will be charged the University Rate:

Breakfast: $ 7.00
Lunch: $ 9.50
Dinner: $ 12.50

Flex Dollars

Flex Dollars are a part of each meal plan. They may be spent at University Dining operations: The Upper Deck, North Side Bistro, The Anchor, The Cove, Juice Bar, Cyber Cafe, Campus Grill, Starbucks, The Galley and the Food Truck. These flex dollars may be used for snacks or alternative meals, and have been developed to expand the variety of available services to board plan participants without assessing extra charges for these services.
Flex Dollars will roll over from Fall to Spring Semester but are not refundable at the end of the Spring semester.  Flex dollars are part of each semester's meal plan and are not transferable.