Clearance and TB test Information

Clearance and TB test Information

Current (within one year) clearances and negative TB tests are a critical part of the field experience process and must be on file in the Field Services Department prior to registering for any courses requiring a field experience component and before receiving a field placement.  These clearances must be updated annually when taking any field experience courses (must not expire during the semester that a field experience course is being taken). 

Instructions for obtaining the required three (3) PA clearances and a TB test can be accessed here.  The clearance forms and/or websites themselves are listed below with active links.

  • ACT 151 - Child Abuse History (form) 
    *You can now receive an immediate ACT 151 Child Abuse clearance in person at the Department of Public Welfare located in Harrisburg.
  • ACT 34 - Criminal Background Check (
  • ACT 114 - Fingerprinting  (
  • TB Test-TB tests can either be scheduled at MU Health Services located in Witmer Building on-campus, with a private health-care provider or at a Lancaster General Express location.  TB tests are valid for one year from the "read" date of the results, or two years if a student must get a chest x-ray. 

Post Baccalaureate students completing a placement in their own classroom will require a Proof of Employment form and PDE 6004 ACT 24 form along with copies of their clearances.


Not sure? Check the last page of your DARS. Each clearance and TB test will be listed on your DARS with the date the clearances were issued if you submitted them to Field Services. Clearances dated after December 13, 2013 will be valid for spring 2014 and fall 2014 semesters.

Don't be dropped from class!

Clearances must be updated so that they do not expire during the semester that a field experience course is being taken.

Students preparing for Spring 2014 must submit updated clearances that will not expire before May 9, 2014 to Field Services no later than January 10, 2014.

Failure to update and submit the clearances to Field Services will result in you being dropped from class. Follow the directions on this page to obtain clearances and TB test.

Please contact the Field Services office with any questions regarding clearances and TB test. We are here to help!

Questions about your clearances?

General questions about your clearances and TB test can be sent to Field Services at or by calling (717)871-5752.

Do you have a problem with your clearances? Not sure? Would you like to set up a time to meet with the Administrative Assistant for Early Field and/or the Director of Field Services? Please complete a request form (here).