Throughout this semester, you will be working on a project called Collaborative Inquiry: Reflection and Questions about Learning (CIRQL). This project is geared to help you reflect and think carefully about your students' understanding of the subject you are teaching, the ways in which you assess them, and the responses you make to meet their needs. CIRQL is divided into three stages: before, during and after you teach. Navigate through these stages via the above links to learn about how to complete your CIRQL unit.

To get started, this movie will give some advice from last semester's student teachers about completing your CIRQL unit. These movies require Windows Media Player.

Advice: (7 MB) | (2MB)

As you progress through the materials for the three stages you will find short movies about each stage. The movie below is a combination of all of these shorter movies.

CIRQL - Fall 2003:(14 minutes) (54 MB) | (15 MB)

Stage 1 : Before Teaching: pre-assess students, interview cooperating teacher, shadow students, plan unit

Stage 2 : During Teaching: plan lessons, use formative assessments, use data from formative assessments to improve learning

Stage 3 : Summarize student learning, presentation fair

Background information on the research and resources behind CIRQL