One-Year Internship Program

One-Year Internship Program Information

As an alternative course of certification for adult learners, the EDFN department has developed a field-based post-baccalaureate program. This alternative offers a small cohort of graduate “interns” a year-long field-based experience in a local urban middle school. You are eligible for this program if:

  1. you have earned a bachelor’s degree
  2. you have already taken a Social Foundations of Education class
  3. the majority of your content courses are finished, and
  4. you have not yet taken your Professional Block. After determining eligibility, there will be an interview process. Some of the specific components of the program are listed below:
    • Interns will work at a middle school in the School District of Lancaster for the entire year, and follow the school’s schedule. Hours and working times will be determined by the school calendar. Interns will enroll in EDFN 560 during the fall semester and EDFN 561 in the spring. Interns will earn 24 graduate credits during the year.
    • All of the interns will also work as substitute teachers in the building. Subbing time should be an average of one or two days a week, so that interns are also getting the other experiences they need. The School District of Lancaster will pay interns a modest salary for the subbing experience.
    • Interns will be placed with teachers who have the same content expertise as they do, but they will also get a depth and breadth of experience. As an additional teacher on the team, experiences will include seeing and working in other team classrooms and in a variety of settings, working with large and small groups, as well as individual students; working with both motivated and non-motivated workers; and performing all of the responsibilities associated with teaching.
    • Competencies for the Professional Block courses will be integrated into the internship. In addition to demonstrating the competencies through their teaching, interns will have readings and projects which will help them to demonstrate the requirements of those courses. There will be a seminar after school once a week with the university mentor for the site. The university mentor’s role is to be the students’ mentor and advocate and to be a liaison between the school and the Educational Foundations Department at Millersville. The mentor will spend at least one full day a week in the building throughout the year. During the day the mentor will meet with and observe students as needed; after school the mentor will meet with the interns for a seminar.

If you are eligible for and interested in this alternative to on-campus coursework, please e-mail Dr. John Ward.