Power Outage

Power is coming back to much of campus, however, the Internet and Outlook servers are still out in parts of campus.  Classes are being held at professor's discretion.    PPL and Millersville University are working on the problem.

Contact Us

Dean of Education Staff

Dr. Helena Tuleya-Payne
Interim Dean, School of Education
Phone: (717)872-3379

Dr. Doyin Coker-Kolo
Associate Dean
Phone: (717) 872-3816
Barb Havercamp
Administrative Manager
Phone: (717) 871-2006
Cynthia Stehli
Administrative Assistant (Dean)
Phone: (717) 872-3379
Fax: (717 )872-3856

Trish McEvoy
Admin. Assistant  (Assoc. Dean)
Certification Office
Phone: (717) 872-3816

Dr. Ellen Long
Director, Field Services
Phone:  (717) 872-3816

Pam Via
Administrative Assistant
Student Teaching Office
Phone:  (717) 871-5561

Cassandra Kesselman
Administrative Assistant
Early Field Experience Office
Phone:  (717) 871-5562
Graduate Assistant - Field Services
Phone:  (717) 871-5752

Alyssa, Charissa, Charity, Jessica
Jenny, Katie, Kayla
Student Workers
Phone: (717)872-3379

Mailing Address

Stayer Hall
Millersville University of PA
P. O. Box 1002
Millersville, PA 17551-0302

Who can help me?

APS - Trish
Assoc. Dean calendar - Trish
Budget issues - Barb
Certification - Trish
Change of Grade - Cyndi
Clearances- Cassandra
Curric. Comm. SoE. - Barb
Dean's calendar - Cyndi
EDW reapprovals - Cyndi
Exception requests  - Cyndi
Faculty reappointment- Cyndi
Early Field Exper. - Cassandra
Grants - Barb
Load and complement - Barb
Lock/Key Req. (Stayer) - Barb
Meeting rooms (Stayer)- Cyndi
Praxis tests - Trish
Prof. Development Funds - Barb 
Promotion & Tenure - Cyndi
Searches (faculty & staff) - Barb
Special Events - Barb
Student Teaching - Pam Via
TEC - Cyndi
TPTF appointment - Barb
Travel requests - Cyndi
Voting (Dept. Elections)- Cyndi
Website, Certification. - Trish
Website, Dean of Educ. - Barb