Summer Intern Photo Contest

ELCM Summer Academic Internship Photo Contest

Experiential Learning and Career Management is hosting a photo contest open to all students participating in summer internships.  Share your internship experience! We are looking for meaningful testimonials from students to promote internships to other MU students.  Submit your photo and description and have a chance to win a COOL prize to be announced in the spring semester!!!!! We will select TWO winners from your submissions.  DEADLINE is FRIDAY, August 10, 2018.


Winners of the 2016 ELCM Summer Academic Internship Photo Contest

This year ELCM had a great pool of candidates and four students were selected as recipients of the summer photo contest.  Thank YOU to all that submitted photos.


"I had one of the best career experiences of my life through a summer internship. This internship at Tait Towers has allowed me to gain a better understanding of my major as well as the applications for it. It provided me with experience of controlling robots larger than myself, and creating control systems to complete a certain task. On top of all this, I was provided monetary compensation for this experience. This internship has taken place of my prior job, and I plan to continue working with this company for as long as I can manage. There were several perks to this job including “Free Ice Cream Friday,” trans-company networking opportunities, and the chance to work alongside intelligent engineers. There is also potential for working on projects created for entertainment purposes. This, to me, might be one of the coolest aspects – The chance to inspire awe and provide entertainment to an audience. I was able to apply this experience with my education at Millersville University to greatly improve my competence in this industry. The opportunity for networking might be one of the most beneficial experiences for your career. I would highly recommend an internship to any student eligible in order to apply your education."

Jordan Steele, Senior, Applied Engineering & Technology, Robotics & Control Systems, interned with TAIT Towers.


"PA Wildlife Paradise:  This summer I was given the opportunity to work within the DCNR’s Bureau of Forestry. I was the wildlife intern for a small division called ecological services. It was the experience of a lifetime and one that I will never forget. I worked with experienced wildlife biologists who studied anything from Peregrine falcons to Bog turtles to Elk. I was able to gain hands-on experience with highly educated biologists who were experts in their fields of study. Many of my classes at Millersville helped prepare me for the work I would be doing in the field. Some of the animals I studied were Elk, Black bears, White-tailed deer, Woodcocks, Red-bellied newts, Peregrine falcons, Goshawks, Spotted turtles, Bog turtles, Wood turtles, Box turtles, Ring-necked snakes, Allegheny woodrats, and many more. Several of the species I studied were important game species or endangered species. I learned how to identify species of birds as well simply by listening to their songs.

After gathering research in the field I was able to enter the data into the Pennsylvania Amphibian and Reptile Survey (PARS) or onto Arcmap. Thus, I was able to share the valuable information I had gathered in the field with other biologists. I was not only fortunate to work with biologists in my division, but worked with biologists from the PA Game Commission and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. Through my internship I gained valuable connections with biologist all over the state, which could potentially lead to future job opportunities. I gained the most incredible experiences and memories from this internship and would highly recommend it to other students in the field of biology. The people and animals I worked with this summer made me a better biologist both in the office and in the field. This internship validated my career aspirations to become and wildlife biologist and to take my education to the next level by pursuing a masters degree in wildlife biology."

Halie Parker, Senior, Biology, environmental biology option, interned with Department of Conservation & Natural Resources – Bureau of Forestry.

Entry Rules/Eligibility

  • Students must be currently enrolled as a Millersville University student when submitting an entry.
  • Your academic internship was registered for credits and must have occurred between May 14, 2018, and August 24, 2018.
  • Be mindful of the specific policies and privacy laws of your workplace and industry. Our expectation is that MU students abide by all worksite rules for professional conduct in their respective industries/careers. If you have questions about confidentiality or proprietary matters, please check with your employer supervisor before emailing photos to the contest.
  • Get creative. We are looking for a picture of you that captures a great internship moment, whether it is a shot of you on the production line with your site supervisor, company president, assisting/presenting or preparing for an organizational event, the photograph is meant to be representative of something you have done or are doing so have fun with it.  Students may submit up to three photographs.
  • Please also adhere to the following guidelines:  Photos must be submitted in JPEG format, with a resolution of at least 2400 x 1600.  Please do not download photographs from Facebook or other social media sites since they are usually compressed.  Save your photos in the following format: FirstName_LastName_ImageTitle
  • Write a description of 300 words or less and an interesting caption as well. Explain in your best writing style why your experience is awesome. Explain the benefits of your internship (experience, salary, job offers, special perks, networking, etc.), and why you would recommend an internship to other MU students.  The description is part of the entry and will be judged.  ELCM retains the right to edit entries for proper grammar and spelling.


How the Competition Works

Submit up to three photographs in electronic format by emailing them to: 

List in subject line:  Photo contest, your last name and internship organization.  In the email message, include the following information: Your full name, academic major, class level, internship company and cell phone number. 

By entering this contest, you grant Millersville University the right to publish, use, reproduce and/or publicly display your photographs and written testimonial on MU’s website, social networking sites, and in any of its publications.