Using MU CareerConnection

Beginning Requirements:

  • Complete the online orientation.

  • Have Internship Departmental Coordinator sign "Request for Academic Internship" Return "Request for Academic Internship" form to ELCM Office in Bedford House. Follow the instuctions to access Career Connection.

  • Once your profile and resume are submitted, a staff member will review your resume and release you to look for jobs in the system (approval is granted within 24 hours during the work week).  If you do this over the weekend, you will receive an email with your password when ELCM is back in the office (M-F; 7:30 am to 5:00 pm).  You will receive an email indicating approval and the status of your resume.  If your resume needs revisions you must upload a revised resume to “My documents” and mark your updated resume as your default.

Using Career Connection:

  • Once ELCM receives the "Request for Internship Assignment" form, students may begin to use Career Connection to post resumes and search for internships.
  • Go to the Career Connection tab on the ELCM web page and click on the Students Login Here button
  • Enter your User Name by typing your Millersville e-mail address (example: then click on "forgot your password? (do NOT "click here to register!"). 
  • Within a few minutes you will receive an email with your password that you can change once you are in Career Connection.  At that point, ypu can access your Career Connection account and chnage your password to something you can remember. 

Update your profile:

  • Click "My Profile".
  • You will see boxes containing Personal Information and Demographic Information.
  • Each box will have an edit button.
  • Carefully go through each box and fill out the required (*) and requested fields.
  • The more detailed you fill out, the better we will be able to assist you.
  • Save all changes.

Updating your Resume:

  • Click on My Documents.
  • Choose Upload Files.
  • Click Browse to find your document.
  • Select the correct document and name it.
  • Click Upload
  • When uploading more than one document, make sure your most generic resume is your default.
  • Click submit Student Profile.
  • Once your profile and resume are submitted, we will review your file and release you to look for jobs in the system.

Search for Internships:

  • Click on Jobs.
  • Click on the Job ID to see the specifics of the position.
  • Write down Job ID numbers of positions you are interested in.
  • Call ELCM to schedule an appointment with a Graduate Assistant to review internship selections.