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Allison Richard

Allison Richard

Photo Credit: K Harnish Photography

I began working with Red Wagon in November and have learned so much in such a short amount of time. Red Wagon is a logistics company with a heart; "Red Wagon: Delivery with a Purpose". They provide alternative shipping and logistics solutions to E-Retailers and Distributors while donating part of the cost-savings they create to charity. This internship ended up being the perfect place for me to work because I get to gain business experience in Sales and Marketing while working with organizations that help all kinds of people; something near and dear to my heart.

At Red Wagon, I have many responsibilities including researching content for, organizing, writing for and posting on social media, researching, designing, writing and distributing mass emails, researching potential new clientele, contacting potential clientele and maintaining solid relationships with existing clients.  I also assist with refining the overall company message and image, scheduling meetings and appointments for our team of specialists and other odd jobs as needed. I strive to achieve the goals set forth by my bosses as well as personal goals in the workplace.

I am so thankful to the Internship/ELCM offices for putting on the Job & Internship Fair for Fall 2012 Semester and for the folks at Red Wagon for attending. I would have never been able to take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity if it weren't for them. This opportunity is invaluable.

Allison Richard

Speech Communication: Communication Studies, Psychology Minor

Job Title: Business Development Specialist